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GÓMEZ MAQUEDA: turning 100 is not an everyday thing

Our group can be proud of its two principal companies. Both will celebrate an important anniversary in the next decade.

GÓMEZ MAQUEDA was founded in 1926 and 60 years later, in 1983, ALESUR was born in Jerez de la Frontera.

From then on, a lot of things happened: difficult moments, apparently unachievable goals, sacrifices, some tears and, above all, a lot of work and efforts even if it was worth it.

Currently, the group bills 10 million euros and it possess excitement and a great want of doing new things and exploring new horizons.

GÓMEZ MAQUEDA, traditionally dedicated to a regional market but always providing a professional and technical service which gives solutions to the complex industrial market, is facing this new century with high perspectives of reaching new developed sectors with always more complex means.

Material Eléctrico - Sevilla

ALESUR already started a transformation of its target market in the last decade, when it decided to focus on more complex organizations, frame contracts and the international market. Nowadays, it is challenging itself to consolidate and even increase this position in other sectors.

Our warehouses, with a renewed stock based on a confidential relationship with the most advanced producers; our extremely technical team, specialised in searching and finding the solutions which better fit for the needs of our clients and our permanently audited logistic; the design and production of industrial automation panels which still represents a differentiating factor. These things all together form the basic pillars on which we can build our service.
From the engineering accompaniment when developing new products to the material supply, offering an extremely specialised before and after-sales service with a great dedicated staff to make our clients feel advised in every moment, the company is now in a very strong position to face all the challenges of the new technologies and the incoming future along with our team and clients

Being part of Electroclub is a great and historic opportunity as it give us the possibility to fuse our project together with the joint of synergies which make up the biggest Spanish group of our sector as to generate more wealth, prosperity and progress for everyone.


Our mission is to give a complete and professional service to every customer, a particular or a company, with a specific need for electrical parts. We offer a complete service in providing, with the best products and a wide stock, and in advising with commitment and seriousness.


We aim to build a solid company, continuing with the almost centenary tradition of quality and professionality in the market, providing a service which can solve problems connected to electricity which our clients may face, giving valor to our company and our environment through progress, security and wellness and creating a proper working environment so our workers can be able to realize themselves and grow their future perspective.


Our values are:

  • Dedication to our clients
  • Commitment with our suppliers
  • Interest for our team
  • Quality service
  • Protecting the environment
  • Security and safety at work
  • Integrity


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