Industrial Automation

Gómez Maqueda offers at your disposal a wide stock of automation, communication, detection and control elements together with a team of specialised workers who will provide key solutions to improve the productivity and safety of your company, by optimizing the operations of your machines and their maintenance.

We work with the leading manufacturer companies of this sector and together with our workshop on automation panels and our collaborators network, we can provide you a key solution based on industrial automaton.

We offer supplies to multi plant companies thanks to a dedicated team specialised in satisfying customers’ needs.


Frame Contracts

Our company owns a great experience in Integrated Management of Frame Contracts in the Industrial Sector.

Capacity of European Logistic minimizing costs in transport, customized storages and deliveries, adaptation to technologies and to the 4.0 Industry (from IO-Link to IoT), integration of order and inventory tools to be able to have a total control of purchases.


Continuous Improvement

To ensure the stabilization of the industrial automation process and the possibility to improve the operational and financial efficiency, we realize the identification of all the process and the analysis using tools that include the possible corrective and preventive actions proposing measures for your plants.

The continuous improvement is based on Deming cycle, made of four phases:

  1. Study the situation and propose measures
  2. Launch the selected proposals
  3. Verify if the improvement is giving the expected results
  4. Implement the proposals with the necessary improvements

Gómez Maqueda has a great experience in the establishment and tracking of plans for continuous improvement with a dedicated staff and offering saving agreements contracts.

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