The mining sector employs more than 17.000 workers in Andalusia and reaches a Gross Added Value of 1.423 million euros, which represents the 9,21% of the industrial value of the region.

Gómez Maqueda has been collaborating with the most important metallic fields in exploitation like the Cobre Las Cruces in Seville and Aguas Teñidas, Riotinto and Sotiel Coronada in Huelva. We can also mention some others which are still under development like Aznalcóllar (Seville), Magdalena (Huelva) and Alquife (Granada).

Our guarantee

Gómez Maqueda ensures the supply of electrical, safety, automation material and engines with a specific and specialised knowledge in the minery sector that permits us to have the necessary inventory, a good relationship with suppliers and the technical knowledge to provide the service needed by this field, from the on time supply to the frame contracts supply models.

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